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Baseball Divisions

Peanuts (Tee Ball)

Ages 4 - 6

This is an entry-level division for both boys and girls ages 4-6 years old. Players with NO prior experience, new to team sports, even new to baseball are welcome and encouraged to start in this division. Managers and coaches at this level will assist in developing basic player mechanics, while teaching the fundamentals and basic rules of the game of baseball.


Ages 6 - 8

This is an introductory / beginners division for players ages 6-8 years old. Players in this division require little to no prior experience in baseball. Managers and coaches in this division will began working on baseball fundamentals and mechanics such as defensive positioning, fielding, catching, and pitching.

In preparing players for higher division play, scores and team standing are kept. With an in-house playoff and championship game played at the end of the season. Practices for this division began in February with an average of twice a week. Games began in March with opening day ceremonies, teams will play (2) games weekly until the first week in June.


Ages 8 - 10

This is a skills development division for players ages 8-10 and is for players who have limited to no experience playing the game of baseball. Players in this division are selected through a try-out and draft process. Managers and coaches will help players improve on basic skills and assist in the development of player’s abilities.

Players in this division will have a minimum of 3 innings in the field and 1 at bat, This division is fully supervised player pitch, players in this division are required to pitch from 45 feet, while managers and coaches must observe strict player pitch rules to insure player safety.

The winner of the AA division will be invited to play in the District 4 Tournament of Champions.


Ages 9 - 11

This is an intermediate skills division for players ages 9-11.  Players in this division have a solid understanding and experience in the game of baseball, although new players and non-experienced players are welcome.  Players in this division are selected through a try-out and draft process.  Managers and coaches will help improve player’s performance and improve advance skills in the game of baseball.

The winner of the AAA division will be invited to play in the District 4 Tournament of Champions.


Ages 10 - 12

The Majors is a competitive level for player ages 10-12 that continues to stress fundamental baseball and introduce more advance baseball techniques in hitting, fielding, throwing and pitching.  More complex strategies and plays are also introduced and explained. Teams in this division usually practice at least two times per week on non-game days.  The level of play is competitive and game scores, player statistics and win/loss records are maintained.

The winner of the Majors division will be invited to play in the District 4 Tournament of Champions.

Intermediate (50/70)

Ages 12 - 13

The Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division utilizes a 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths.

The division, which is new division of Little League Baseball as of 2013 for players league-age 12-13 with postseason tournament opportunities, including a World Series, offers a transition for players between the standard Little League field size (46-foot pitching distance and 60-foot base paths) and the Junior/Senior/Big League field size (60-foot, 6-inch pitching distance and 90-foot base paths).

Many of the Junior League rules will be used such as runners being permitted to lead off bases, runners may attempt to steal at any time, and allowing an on-deck batter.


Ages 13 - 14

This division is for 13-14 year olds who want to take the next step and learn to play on a full size field. Practices begin in February. Most teams practice two times weekly. Games begin in March. Teams play 2 games weekly and the season ends in early June. Last year, this division inter-leagues with Clayton Valley Little League, Concord American Little League, Martinez and Pittsburg National Little League in order to create a competitive, traveling environment.  The championship team from this division will go on to play in the tournament of champions at the end of June.  The coaches choose the 13-14 All Star team from this division. This is a competitive tournament team that plays the first two weeks of July.